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Types Of Therapy For Mental Health

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Relationship therapies are forms of interactive mental health sessions that help individuals dealing with relational concerns share their emotions and feelings and improve their social interactions with their partner, family members, and even friends. Relationship therapy sessions have shown proven results for families and couples to resolve their disputes and reach a common conclusion. To an appointment with our family or couples therapist, get in touch with us today!

Our mental health therapists in Charlotte, NC and throughout the southeast, utilize motivational and intuitive techniques to help our clients identify their triggers and modify the thought processes that aggravate intrusive emotions and unproductive behaviors.

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At Modern Counseling, we USE comprehensive and robust practices to help our clients feel comfortable and relaxed during mental health counseling sessions. Based on your mental health condition and comfort, you can choose the following types of mental health counseling in Charlotte, NC.

Mental Health Counseling Charlotte, NC

Our practice was pioneered in Charlotte, North Carolina and expanded throughout the southeast to ensure high-quality counseling services were attainable by as many people within our reach. While there are many anxiety therapists in Charlotte, we noticed a significant reduction in the amount of therapists outside of larger cities. Our online platform allows people to access anxiety counseling in Charlotte, NC and throughout NC, SC, GA, & FL.

We live in a society where talking about mental health issues is considered a sign of weakness. Whereas hiding your true emotions and wearing a mask of perfection is considered brave. Overwhelming feelings, excessive stress and worry, intrusive thoughts, sudden sadness, and social anxiety are common symptoms of poor mental health conditions.

At Modern Counseling, we strive to break the stigma on mental health to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sound mental condition. We aim to help you build a safe and encouraging environment where you can openly speak about your mental health and begin to have more positive views on your situation. From depression to relationship counseling in Charlotte, NC and throughout the southeast, we have covered everything for you!

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy emphasizes psychological treatment that aims to help individuals identify negative/intrusive thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to emotional imbalance, anxiety, stress, and other related mental health issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps individuals work on their unhealthy behavior and thoughts that create an emotional and mental barrier for them to perform daily activities. By the end of the mental health counseling sessions, you will be able to improve your bad habits and modify specific behavior causing distress and emotional imbalance. 

  • Relationship Therapy

Facts About Mental Health

Factors Affecting Mental Health

FAQ's About Mental Health

What are the 4 types of mental health?

What Is The Purpose Of A Mental Health Counselor?

Why Seek Mental Health Counseling?

Why Is Mental Health Important?

What Is The Biggest Mental Illness?

What Is A Mental Health Problem?

What Is The Best Therapy For Mental Health?

Is Counseling Effective For Mental Health?

What Is The Purpose Of A Mental Health Counselor?

How Can One Assess If His Or Her Mental Health Is Healthy?

How To Address Mental Health Issues?

  • Mental health issues can happen to anyone, regardless of age.
  • Mental health conditions are treatable with the help of the right therapy modality and sometimes medication.
  • Mental health conditions can affect your overall lifestyle, physical health, and relationships with your loved ones
  • Self-love and acceptance is the key to overcoming the biggest mental health concerns and live your life the way you want.
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol can trigger intrusive emotions and give rise to several mental health problems.
  • Stigma around mental health patients can cause emotional distress and worsen the condition of individuals suffering from different mental health problems.

Several factors can affect one’s mental health condition and trigger unwanted emotions. Here are the following factors that can result in a period of poor mental health conditions:
  • Childhood trauma and abuse
  • Social isolation
  • Severe work or long-term stress
  • Religious discrimination, racism, and more oppressive experiences
  • Excessive drug and alcoholism
  • Loss of loved ones

Generally, mental health issues are categorized into four different types, including:

  • Mood disorders: Mood disorders are conditions that can affect a person’s emotional states and trigger issues such as depression, bipolar disorders, dysthymia, and seasonal affective disorders (SAD).
  • Anxiety disorder: Anxiety disorder is a condition that causes excessive worry and fear that affects your ability to think straight in a particular situation and clouds your mind with intrusive thoughts. Generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are some common types or forms of anxiety disorders. You can treat anxiety disorder with proper medication and appropriate anxiety treatment.
  • Personality disorder: Personality disorder is a condition that can gravely affect an individual in the way they think, perceive, feel, or relate to others.
  • Psychotic disorder: Psychotic disorder is a type of mental health condition that makes an individual lose contact with reality and experience extreme psychotic conditions such as hallucinations, schizophrenia, and delusional disorder. 
A mental health therapist or counselor offers emotional support and advice to individuals suffering from different mental health conditions. A mental health therapist performs various activities to help you figure out your mental problems and look at the world more positively. 
Seeking professional help for your mental health issues is not a sign of weakness. Professional therapy sessions can help you see the world more positively and discover a different version of yourself throughout the sessions. At times, it can be challenging to discuss or open your heart with your family or close friends, and seeking mental health counseling can become a life-changing decision for you.

A person’s well-being is determined by their mental health conditions. Poor and unstable mental health issues can affect your ability to think straight and enjoy your life to the fullest. Mental health is an important aspect of human life that is often neglected by society. It is absolutely fine not to be “okay” always and seek professional help when you feel it is the right time. 
As per studies, anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder are considered the biggest mental health disorders affecting the lifestyle and mental health of millions across the world. 
A mental health problem refers to a range of mental conditions that affect one’s ability to think rationally, emotionally, and psychologically in different aspects of life. Bad and unstable mental health conditions can compromise your performance in your professional life and affect your personal life. At Modern Counseling, we consist of a team of highly qualified and experienced mental health therapists in Charlotte, NC and throughout the southeast, that spend significant time understanding your mental health issue and help you break free from all the mental barriers.

Generally, mental health counseling differs from one person to another. Depending on mental health issues and the clients unique conditions, we offer different types of therapy for mental health. To know more about our services or discover the best option, call us at (704) 709-5351.  
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Mental health counseling has shown effective results for people dealing with different mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorders, and other severe conditions that significantly impact one’s well-being.

One of the major objectives of counseling for mental health issues is to provide support and help to individuals struggling with mental health problems to figure out their lives and promote a healthy lifestyle. Professional therapy sessions can help individuals with their addictions and abusive behaviors and work on their intrusive thought processes.
Self-love and acceptance is the key to sound and proper mental health. If you cannot love yourself during intricate situations and fail to see the beauty in your flaws, there is a chance that you might be suffering from a particular mental health condition. Also, if you notice that your mental health is affecting your daily functioning in life, it is worth considering that your mental wellness is not balanced. Contact our office to help you discover the most suitable mental health counseling in Charlotte, NC and throughout the southeast. Now is the time to take a step forward to a healthy and stable lifestyle. 
Recognizing your mental health issues is one of the most crucial parts of mental health counseling. By practicing self-care, seeking professional help, taking proper medication (if needed), and accepting your situation, you can easily overcome your mental health issues and build a safe and happy environment. 

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