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Online Counseling Services Statewide in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida. 

Online Counseling Services Statewide in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida. 

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Modern Counseling exists to support you through life's challenges. Our counseling services will help you to break free from the barriers in your way so that you can have the best in your personal life and relationships.

Our goal is to help you build a fulfilling life that you love through genuine connection and gentle accountability.


Worry, fear, and panic are addressed through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. There is an emphasis on exploring thought patterns, emotions, and corresponding behaviors.


We utilize Motivational Interviewing techniques and a Cognitive Behavioral approach to explore, process, and treat depression related concerns.


Constant conflict in a relationship is upsetting and overwhelming, but there is hope. We help couples and families utilizing an Experiential approach.

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Our practice was pioneered in Charlotte, North Carolina and expanded throughout the southeast to ensure high-quality counseling services were attainable by as many people within our reach. While there are many therapists in Charlotte, we noticed a significant reduction in the amount of therapists outside of larger cities. Our online platform allows people to access counseling in Charlotte, NC and throughout NC, SC, GA, & FL.

Counseling in Charlotte, NC & The Southeast

We often come across clients that are a victim to the social stigma associated with mental health issues in our society. Seeking help for mental health issues is not a sign of weakness. Counseling services can help identify the negative thoughts and feelings that contribute to various mental health concerns. With the right Charlotte counseling services, you can tackle mental barriers and begin living a life full of purpose and balance.

At Modern Counseling, we utilize motivational interview techniques and a cognitive behavioral approach to help you reshape your life and overcome mental, emotional, and relationship challenges. We offer a wide range of counseling services, including depression treatment, anxiety treatment, family counseling services, and mental health therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina and throughout the southeast.

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